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1801 Lakeshore Road West, Unit 3 , Mississauga , Ontario , L5J 1J6 , Canada
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By Eismaidy Cruz Alvarez

5 2 months ago

5 stars✨️ lashes services ✨️

I have been doing my lashes with Regina for almost 5 years and I have always received unmatched service with good quality and professionalism. The lashes last long, and you will be amazed to see how your face lights up naturally. I highly recommend her services, she is professional and knowledgeable 👌
By Ashleigh Ellis

5 Dec 6, 2019

Amazing Quality and Service

Regina is in a class of her own. She knows what she is doing and she does it better than anyone. I went to her for my lashes for 5 years straight with no breaks, through 2 pregnancies. My lashes were never damaged or hurt. I'm home with a new born so om currently taking a break but can't wait to go back. I drove from North York to Port Credit religiously. I don't trust anyone else with my lashes. You will not be disappointed. I promise you.
By Jessica

5 Oct 29, 2019

Best in the business

I have been seeing Regina for over 3 years now and I must say I am never disappointed . She is very professional, honest, experienced and has such a big heart. My real lashes are still very healthy, where at some places I went to in the past, my lashes would be damaged or less remaining . I can’t imagine myself going to anyone else for my lashes.
By Eileen

5 Sep 24, 2019

Regina is talented, experienced and kind

I have been seeing Regina for almost 10 years. She is very experienced, I have recommended people to see her to fix things other clinicians have done to their lashes. Regina listens to what I have to say, I am not into extra long lashes that look done so she knows which lengths and thickness to use and on which lashes to attach onto. Regina will never do anything that would be unhealthy for her client and their lashes. You can ask her beg her but if she thinks it is detrimental to your health she won’t do it, she has a conscience and she takes immense pride in her work. I have also done microblading with her, let me tell you she is a very patient and kind person. I am the biggest chicken when it comes to that stuff but she was so sensitive to my anxiety and did such an amazing job at designing and placing, I re did them again! And my brows lasted almost 3 years! My sisters is going on 4! Regina is the best in the industry and I have recommended friends and would recommend anyone else to go see her you will not be disappointed!
By Katy

5 Aug 28, 2019


I have been a client of Regina's for over 5 years! She is the best and worth the drive from Toronto to Clarkson. Her salon is clean and welcoming and the atmosphere is so calming that one could drift off into a lovely sleep while getting your eyelashes done. Regina has a great personality and treats all her clients as family members. The best recommendation is that I have referred several friends and my mum to Regina. I would trust no other with the art of applying my eyelashes!
By samantha

5 Aug 20, 2019

Consistent and high quality

Regina has been doing my lashes for over 2 years!!! Without exception, she does a great job. I have never had a reaction to glue. I have never looked like my lashes are over done. She is a true professional and I am always pleased with the outcome. She is also reasonably priced! Highly recommended!
By Sarah

5 Aug 13, 2019

The best

Love the space, love Regina and most of all ... the lashes!! Thank you, Regina, for making me feel beautiful everyday.
By Harula

5 Aug 6, 2019

Lash salon by Regina

Best lash salon ever! The cleanest salon I’ve ever been to with such a sophisticated atmosphere and greatly decorated place . Regina takes her time and is so professional at all times. Would recommend this place to anyone who wants a 5 star treatment
By Rachel

5 Aug 2, 2019

Gorgeous set of lashes and an amazing experience!

Talk about a win-win - Not only did I enjoy a relaxing nap, but I also woke up with a beautiful set of lashes! The results were so natural and the compliments are endless. I love how my new lashes give me more confidence - while wearing less makeup! - and seriously cut my morning beauty routine in half. This is a life hack for busy ladies on the go. I can’t thank you enough! I’ll definitely be back soon for another nap, I mean LASHES!
By Diana

5 Jul 31, 2019
Regina is an absolute gem- I have been going to her for the past 10 years and she never disappoints! Truly the best!!


Developed by the ancient Egyptians, permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing. With modern day technological advances, the technique for the application of permanent makeup has been revolutionized to provide subtle and amazing results with little down time. The technique deposits tiny individual amounts of pigment (different colour depending on the area of application) into the dermal layer of the skin, thus making it permanent exactly like a tattoo.

Rachel Pento

I had been going to another eyelash extension salon (My Lash) on the Lakeshore when I noticed Lash and Laser Salon by Regina. I decided to give it a try as I was getting tired of paying over $70 every 2 weeks for fills. As soon as I walked in I was extremely impressed. The space is gorgeous - beautifully decorated and very calming. I was treated like family from the minute I walked in and felt very comfortable. After some inspection, Regina told me that the extensions I currently had were much too thick and long; they should never have been put on in the first place as they could have caused my natural lashes to break. Regina took off the old ones and replaced them with much more natural long lashes. I was so happy with how they looked (and felt). I never get tired of the compliments I receive about my eyelashes. The best part is that having these eyelash extensions knocks at least ten minutes off of my morning routine. I wake up, and no matter how bad I look, my eyes look great! Eyelash extensions really do accentuate the face, and though it's a small change, they do make a big difference in your overall look.

The application process in itself is completely painless, and actually very relaxing, so much so that I have fallen asleep!

I go back to see Regina every four weeks, and it is something I always look forward to. Not only do I look forward to my beautiful new lashes, but also seeing Regina. She is always so upbeat, caring, nice, and so genuine. Her laughter is infectious!

I was offered an opportunity through one of my girlfriends to meet with Regina from the Lash & Laser Salon in Clarkson. Her salon specializes eye lash extensions. I had heard a lot about this procedure and have known several people to have it done. I thought about it for a short time and decided to "go for it." Regina greeted me at her salon located on the Lakeshore in Clarkson with a very warm "hello." She made me feel at ease right away, as we headed off to her treatment area.

When I made the appointment with her, she gave me some options of things that I could bring with me during the treatment, for example, she said if I was more comfortable I could put on my iPod and listen to music while we worked. The procedure took approximately an hour and a half and I was completely as ease the entire time. She has such a soothing bedside manner and disposition. I really enjoyed the experience.

Eyelash extensions are an exciting new application that accentuates and highlights the natural beauty of your eyes. Be it young or old, they can make you feel Hollywood glamorous. As I said, the procedure takes about an hour and a half while you are lying down relaxing listening to soothing music in the background. The average customer goes back between 60-120 days for new applications. Touch-ups can be done intermittently as needed.

Many clients who have this performed find there is no need to apply mascara or eye enhancing makeup, as the lash extensions usually do the trick. My husband commented as soon as he saw me, which really impressed me as he was unaware I was having it done. Thank you to Regina for making me feel sexy and beautiful. And thank you to my husband for picking up on the change. It was all worth it.

Regina furnished me with a clear mascara gel to enhance the already long, thick, beautiful lashes without adding any clumps usually associated with those of us who wear contact lenses.

I am thrilled with the results and would most certainly do it again. I can attest to the fact that it is painless and worry-free. As you can see in the attached photos, the change is very dramatic and worth all the fuss.

Wonder Moms

Run, don't walk to Regina's lash salon! Its been almost a year since I discovered the wonderful Regina and her extensions and I've never looked back. I love the way they look & frequently get compliments! People know something is different, they just can't pinpoint exactly what it is. The best part is that most days I don't feel the need to wear any eye make up at all. Regina is a true professional & does an amazing job with her clients. Quite simply, I can't imagine not having them anymore.

Jennifer Moffat

"Quite simply put Regina is the best! I went to another place in town first and was very disappointed. I thought there must be something wrong because the results were not what I was expecting at all. I decided to give it one more try and was fortunate to find Regina! She expertly fixed my lashes and now I actually have lashes. If you are considering getting lash extensions you can be confident in Regina to give you the results you want!”.

Annette Barnie

I had my lashes done 3 years ago by someone else and in all honesty I didn't like them. I did not consider doing them again until I met Regina. Regina's lashes feel and look natural. The greatest for me is waking up in the morning and having lashes without applying mascara. I would recommend to everyone to try it. I know you will love them. Regina is professional and she does a wonderful job.

Give it a try!

As a severe headache sufferer my eyes have become lifeless and I have bad dark circles. The headache pain causes constant tearing that make the use of mascara impossible. With the support of Regina at Long Lashes I have an option that has brought some life back into my eyes and lightened my look. I am thankful to Regina for her special consideration and effort to make this solution work for me – she has not only lifted my appearance, but also my spirits.

Thanks Regina,

I have had the pleasure of working with Regina Rutherford for some time now and I have had the pleasure of observing her and how she treats her clients. I cannot say enough about how warm, yet professional she is. Every person is treated as a unique individual with special attention to what they actually want as opposed to what she feels they should have, unless they of course ask her for her thoughts and opinions.

Regina is meticulous and she really cares about making her clients happy. I have seen her work long hours to try to fit people in for their special occasions and surprisingly after working long hours, she still managed to have them leave looking like they were her first appointments of the day.

I would have no hesitations in referring Regina to any of my close friends as I know she would treat them the way a customer should be treated and that is with the warmth and attention they deserve.

I have always had issues with mascara making my eyes tear up so when I heard about Permanent Lashes by Regina, I gave them a try. That was two years ago and I had never looked back. It removes the hassle of mascara and gives you a low maintenance alternative. Regina is highly skilled - most people think they are my own lashes!!



I have been a client of Regina’s for almost a year now. Prior to meeting Regina, I had been to two other lash studios. Regina is superior in every way. Her product is top notch and her application is efficient, long-lasting and natural looking. My lashes always look great and no one would ever guess that they are extensions. I also had Regina do my permanent eyeliner which has accentuated the lashes. It is so nice to look great 24 hours a day.

Suzanne White

Regina's workmanship is meticulous. Infact people who are in the aesthetic industry have commented on how great my lashes look. I look forward to my monthly appointment at Regina's lash salon. She is warm and friendly as well as very knowlegable and her studio has a zen like vibe that I end up falling asleep ! However, the best part is I feel like a million bucks when I'm done.

Some of my friends have had really bad experiences with their lash extensions at OTHER places. I've gone to Regina from day one and I've been really happy with my results ...very natural but dramatic enough to notice.In the end you get what you pay for. I use to be hooked on expensive mascara now I'm just hooked on my lashes by Regina!!

Neha Narang

Regina has been doing my eyelashes for over 2 years and I must say this is one of the Best Things I have done for myself. Then after the eyelashes looked great, I thought I should do something about my sparse eyebrows. So she suggested Tattooing. I absolutely love that too!! What can I say? I'm Beautiful.

Donna Fraymak

For as long as I can remember, I hated my blonde eyebrows. Not that they were badly shaped or sparse - they were invisible! Using eyebrow pencil or dyeing them sometimes looked all right, but just as often, looked a bit "off".

When I found out that Regina applied permanent eyebrows, I talked to her and went ahead with it. Regina is completely professional: she combines the artistry and skills to fit the colour and the shape to your face and personality, while using sterile techniques to protect against infection.

Bottom line: I love it! People keep telling me that I look great (but don't know what is different). I wake up in the morning and feel pretty even before I do anything else. The shape and the colour are perfect for me.

I recommend Regina Rutherford to anyone who is thinking about permanent eye makeup.

I was introduced to Regina and her fabulous lashes about two years ago. From the first time she outfitted me with these exquisite extensions, I have been hooked. They look like they are mine, and I feel great wearing them. Regina is always looking for better ways, better lash material, and better adhesive which makes me feel comfortable knowing that I am getting the very best. To further enhance your eyes, check out the permanent liner that she has down to perfection. I truly recommend everyone to put their eyes in Regina's talented hands!

Barbara Young

Regina Rutherford, owner of Lash and Laser Salon offers her clients of all ages the utmost in Customer Service. Her meticulous and gentle workmanship ensures the best of results for your lashes. Regina's warm and fun-loving personality makes each visit to the salon a very pleasant one. The salon itself is also very warm, inviting and beautifully decorated - adding to the overall lash experience.

I highly recommend Lash and Laser Salon by Regina to those that are seeking to enhance their eyes with beautiful natural-looking lashes! The process is painless and always very relaxing. Regina is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise and will help make you feel confident in her product... the end result speaks for itself!


Many people I follow on IG, and/ or friends on FB have had issues with lash extensions. My advice is do not go to a nail salon to get them. They are not professionally trained. I am always 100% satisfied at @lashesbyregina. They are put on by a truly professional, talented technician. "It is a semi­permanent procedure where the professional attaches individual faux mink eyelashes to nearly every individual lash of the eye"